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Most of us hear this word Integrity every day in our life but how many of us follow it. Here I can say it in simple words “BEING HONEST IN WHATEVER WE DO”. We may be an Entrepreneur, Engineer, Doctor, Employee or whatever our profession, we should provide the service with True Love from our CORE-HEART.

In the past days, we may have committed some mistakes but from this moment before leaving our home, we must commit to ourselves that we will do our best which will Enrich other’s life in some way and help them to Grow with us.

Do you know the reason why you’re always struggling and fighting with your debt? Why only 5% of the world’s population possess all the abundant wealth and how they can all live with a complete health & prosperous lifestyle? While the other 95% of the world’s population find the life very hard to overcome every single day? What’s the reason?

The answer is here: Because those 5% people invested more on their self-development not only physically but mentally too. They realized how important is it to feed their minds with ultimate thoughts by getting on with some everyday activities such as

– Meditation,
– Evaluating their own strength
– Exploring new places
– Getting in touch with like-minded people
– Positive perception in everything they accomplish

So now, you know some of the secrets. “The best time to change your life Spiritually is right now” Remember you’re the God’s child. You are born to do wonders.

SECRET OF LIFE: If you start helping the people around you, then automatically you will feel the God hidden in your soul.

Our life becomes meaningless without a passion. Just visualize a life without a purpose?

– We do the work that we never loved to do,
– We buy the things that we never wanted to have in our life,
– We would stop our dreaming,
– Having no time for our happiness,
– Finally, we will be working on another person dreams.

Best lines for you: “Nobody has the right to say no to our Dreams. Always listen to our inner guts and start acting on it. Success is always on our side”

But we all humans are born for a PURPOSE. Our only task is to find out that PASSION of our life. The day when we discover our true purpose, things start to change magically. We can feel the inner joy and that pleasure drives us crazy to do more for our people and society.

Think of the world filled with full of love and kindness? We start appreciating everyone and grow simultaneously on all aspects of our life.

Life is not a rat race.

– We don’t need to do the same job as other’s do,
– We don’t need to earn the same money as other’s earn,
– We don’t need to buy the same home or car as other’s buy and so on….

There isn’t any law in this world that we should follow what other’s do. Nowadays, we compare everyone by calculating how much money they have without minding the real humanity inside us.

Every one of us has our own dreams, unique wishes, unstoppable creativity inside but we never show it out. Have you ever thought why?

The reason is that we never wished to come out of our safety zone. We burnt down all our dreams

A famous quote by my favourite author Randy Gage:

We may change our clothing, our address, our residence but until we change our mind then the same experience will propenoate and nothing bigger is gonna happen in our life.

Stop running this rat race and develop your skills to overcome the fear. Travel on the path that no one has ever travelled before. Leave a legendary by leading a unique life path.

I believe you all have watched the movie (THE SECRET)? If not, today is the best day in your entire lifetime where you’re gonna find the true secret of your life. Click here to watch.

We can compare ourselves to a magnet. You know that like poles attract. Likewise to attract the money or materialistic things into our life, we need to tune our thoughts in a right direction to attract the desired lifestyle. Even the successful persons in the world have their own Mentor or Coach to revamp and align their thoughts frequently.

According to LAW OF ATTRACTION what we think in our subconscious mind(Inner world) will happen in our Physical world (Outer world). So only visualize(subconscious mind) what you need? It may be wealth or health or experience that you need. And if you are consistently attracting those dreams, very soon it will show off in your Physical World.

Start developing the habit of reading more books, the life history of successful people, find out how they have used their mind power to attract the wealth. We don’t need to follow their way of success but we can follow their law of success.

Love is a pure essence of divine feel that keeps us alive throughout our lifetime.

Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan Gopala Krishnan

Gopala Krishnan

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Welcome, all.  I’m a young aspiring boy who loves to explore new adventures every day and on the mission of helping the brands to build their Websites & Online Presence in an effective way. Inspiring the people to Live their Best Life with Integrity by sharing my life experiences through Quotes, Blogs and Social Media updates. Also a Network Marketer, a Motivational Speaker, a Spiritual being, an Ongoing Learner and exploring more.

A short bio behind my brand: While doing my college second year, I was introduced to an awesome Industry (Network Marketing) where I got the opportunity to explore more places, peoples mindset and importantly how wealthy I could live my best life with Integrity. Every day was a new journey and started discovering more about my Inner World. But, I wasn’t earning more (“Wiser people don’t earn at their starting stage” as I strongly believed in this sayings). Kept on learning more from my self-experience. Gradually started to spend more time on Social Medias and started interacting with great leaders all around the World. And there I was introduced to a person named Sourav Ghosh who was rocking the Online era on his teenage being in the same Industry. I was able to feel the unstoppable power inside his every Social Media update. From that day, I started to read his updates and somehow I got in touch with him. Began my Online journey with his guidance and bought the domain, hosting & other stuff. Created my very own website on Feb 2015 and that’s how I started building my Online empire.

After a while, I got an opportunity to participate in a Social Media Contest hosted by Hootsuite. Proudly, that was my first blog post and you all know what, I won the first price. From that point, I realized that our Inner world plays an important role than our outer world disbeliefs. Began to share my day to day life experiences through Quotes, Blogs and Social Media posts. People were Inspired and they started to seek my guidance on their career and relationship areas. Even though I wasn’t an expert I shared whatever I was learning. Learning got incorporated as a part of my life. Few more people started to love my branding style and they requested to do the same for them. Right from creating their websites, social media brandings and it got expanded day by day. Rest is where I’m today, in front of you. Explore more…

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We all know that we can achieve success at an early stage when we learn the mistakes from other people’s life experience right? So here, I’m sharing what I learn from my day-to-day life lessons. Click on each category to view more.

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Blessings from Awesome Clients

“Gopala was able to provide excellent service and successfully implement an email solution and payment system into my wordpress website. He brilliantly migrated my website to a stable hosting and solved the mobile responsive issues. I was very grateful for his attitude and good communication skills in assisting me to come up with appropriate technical solutions. Plus setting up the Email solution and spent the time to show me and training me in how to use it, including creating an Automated Series of Emails to deliver an online product. His integration of Woo Commerce Shopping cart into my wordpress theme was seamless.
I am very grateful to have connected to Gopala and highly recommend him if you would like to work with a web developer who has heart, great communication skills and is committed to helping you find solutions that support your passion with business!”

Michaela Osten, Be Free Today

“Gopala was extraordinary from day one! He wasted no time getting started on my project. He is dedicated, enthusiastic, caring and gives you 100% satisfaction. My goal was to build a team on and he was at the top of the list. Love to continue our working relationship.”

Glen Mullins, Zebra Paper Towels

“Gopala is a very customer-centered servant who is responsive and supportive in his interactions. If you don’t understand something, he is patient in explaining and more than willing to go that extra mile. He works all night long if need be to help you and doesn’t seem to tire of repetitious questions from those of us who don’t have the experience with technology. Not only techy he is also Inspiring too.”

Linda Larson, Faucet of Hope

“One of the best person, I have ever found in this online era. Very professional, communicates well, and gets the job done in a timely manner. I have used him repeatedly, and would recommend his service highly.”

Eric Wright, Africa MBA Indaba

“I have been using Gopala’s services and talents for under a year now. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all jobs, request and challenges with dedication and positivity. His interpersonal skills are exemplary and appreciated by me every time I get a chance to work with him. Besides being a joy to work with Gopala, a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several marketing plans for my company that have resulted in increased annual revenue. Gopala assumed a leadership role in web site improvement, inspiring and motivating other creative ideas for us. He has proven that he can be trusted to deliver a completed project on schedule and within budget. I highly recommend Gopala. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

Will Caraway, CNE The Academy
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